Mums and babies

It is our honour to be a part of your journey through motherhood. Mums and babies are looked after from pregnancy to post-partum and beyond. Osteopathy can be a wonderful tool to support both you and your baby.

Cranial Osteopathy is the treatment of choice for babies due to its safe and gentle manner. Using only light touch, we engage with the nervous system to release strains and tensions that result in common issues like colic.

"Motherhood is the exquisite inconvenience of being another person’s everything."

Let us be of service to you during this life-changing time.

Jessica Gamblin Osteopath Treatment For Mums during pregnancy

During Pregnancy

As the body adapts to create room for the growing baby, the mother undergoes a number of physical, hormonal and emotional changes to prepare her for the impending birth.

Every pregnancy is individual and unique to the mother. As well as the natural changes that occur, previous history (including past pregnancies, injuries, conditions etc.) may have an influence on the development of discomforts or symptoms (such as nausea, breathing or circulatory issues).

Osteopathy can be hugely beneficial at this time, due to the mother’s physiology being “supercharged” and open to rapid change.

Jessica Gamblin Osteopath For Mums and Babies

For Baby

Babies may show discomfort through unsettledness, crying, irritability, poor sleeping, feeding or digestive difficulties and colic.

As the baby exits through the birth canal created by the mother’s pelvis, it is subject to enormous pressures. This is a vital part of the baby’s journey, as bones in the skull overlap and fluid in the lungs is squeezed out stimulating the baby’s first ‘breath of life’.

However, a number of complications may arise in the form of long labours, malposition of the baby (breech etc.), the administration of ventouse or forceps and caesarian birth. All have individual strain factors and may result in any of the issues named above.

Jessica Gamblin Osteopath For Mums and Babies

After Birth

Unlike the slow progression of pregnancy, the rapid change after birth can leave the mother feeling sore and out of balance.

Osteopathy aims to relieve spinal and pelvic tensions, and aid relaxation of the muscles and ligaments of the spine, pelvis and pelvic floor.

Cranial osteopathy may also help to relieve any emotional stress/trauma following a difficult birth.

Jessica Gamblin Osteopath For Mums and Babies

During Breastfeeding

Hours spent feeding and holding your baby can cause neck, back and shoulder pain. Osteopathy aims to provide relief and improve your posture so you can enjoy the special bonding time with your little one.

Improved spinal mobility may even help to facilitate breast milk let-down.