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Structural Osteopathy

When needed, we have the tools to work more directly on tissues that have become stiff and chronic. This might include deep tissue massage, mobilisation (movement/stretching of joints) and manipulations. Osteopaths are highly trained to perform very safe and specific adjustments to joints that have become restricted. This is where you might hear or feel a ‘click’ when the joint releases. Find out more about our Osteopaths here.

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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is an indirect and subtle form of treatment that gently releases stresses and strains often held more deeply in the body. It works by using a highly developed sense of touch to feel subtle, rhythmic pulsations from the central nervous system that are expressed throughout the whole living anatomy of the body. This allows us to diagnose areas of strain or dysfunction as well as revealing the general state of your well-being or health.

Cranial osteopathy is the therapy of choice for babies and children, but is a valuable tool in any treatment setting.

Biodynamic Osteopathy

The biodynamic approach to osteopathy is unique within the western health sciences, in the way that it seeks to avoid a purely intellectual application of distinct diagnosis and treatment techniques. Instead, this process is blended into a single moment, that’s more like a dance. The practitioner uses all of their effort for deep sensory listening to observe motion taking place in and around the body. We are guided by this subtle motion or corrective force, within which lies the intelligence of your embryological health. The areas that are tight and dysfunctional tend to respond by blending back into the system. Everything moving and breathing is oriented towards a single therapeutic moment, with changes occurring in harmony, in a way that is blended and homogeneous with the whole.